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IF there's an ARCHDEMON, however...
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15th-May-2016 02:10 am - BatDriven's TR pve "Build" Mod 6-9
DN mello
Okay, so I was asked about my build several times now. From guildies, friends and random players. The thing is - I'm guessing it's not so much about the build itself, but more about what I use and the fact that I got 96 power points.
That's the reason why I'm posting it here and not on some big MMO website.

The buildCollapse )
14th-Feb-2012 07:43 am - Happy Valentine's Day :3
robbie wadge red
I knooow, it's dumb and commercial and you should appreciate your loved ones every day and not only today, blahb~
But what the heck - wishing you all a happy (valentine's) day! lol
Thank you, rznbloodrose and pam81 for the pretty hearts ♥

Sadly I can't see berrycherry until tomorrow, but I have smth prepared, shh! ;)

7th-May-2011 07:19 am - SALE
DN mello
Hello :D
I just opened my very first shop.
20% on everything!!
Jewelry, charms and accessoires, please come and take a look ^~^

-> http://en.dawanda.com/shop/LumCheng

25th-Jan-2010 05:01 pm - Wallpaper: Atrocity
DN mello

So I wanted to write this fic, right? With lots of gore and splatter and horror and blah. Such like Hostel, SAW, Creep etc.
But I'm not ready yet, so I decided to design a wallpaper first to get a little bit more into the right mood, yanno?

So the following is NSFW! Look at own risk of getting disturbed!

violated Brian hereCollapse )

Edit: OMG, thanks guys! I'm really touched by all your positive responses. I actually kinda expected ppl to be grossed out and ripping me a new butthole for doing this to Brian, so I was a bit anxious to post it. But you really rock, guys! Thanks ♥
1st-Jan-2007 11:11 am - Fiction List (Update: 02 feb'10)
DN mello
I write since maybe 10 years, but mostly in german, since it's my first language. I work hard to improve my english, so that I'll be able to post more fics in a language nearly everyone is able to understand.
I already published 2 books, but let me tell you, that this isn't as glamorous as everyone always imagines it. These days it's hard to get people to buy your own books, if your name isn't JK Rowling or Dan Brown ;)

So... most of my old stuff isn't online anymore, but I plan on filing it on my website little by little.
So this list below isn't complete yet, but I'm working on it.

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