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Queer as Folk Fanmix: One Night in Babylon

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01. Destination Calabria (Alex Gaudino)

Friday, nearly midnight. Brian enters Babylon, burning cigarette dangling from his lips as he shrugs off his leather jacket and hands it to one of the security guys. He immediately opts for the bar and orders a drink before taking a look around.

I'm leaving for a destination I still don't know
somewhere nobody must have duties at all
and if you like this you can follow me
so lets go to the place where we belong

02. Evacuate the Dancefloor (Cascada)

He finishes his drink, keeps an eye on all the people, checking them out, when suddenly he feels like dancing and joins the sweating, writhing guys on the dancefloor.

evacuate the dancefloor
I'm infected by the sound
stop, this beat is killing me
hey mister dj come on
and burn this place right down to the ground

03. Balare (SQ 1)

A tall dark haired guy with tanned skin catches his eye. He must’ve discarded his shirt earlier because his chest glistens with sweat as his muscles move under taut skin. Brian gives him a tiny smile. They approach each other, start dancing and before long Brian leans in to say something in the guy's ear. The stranger smirks.

I want to hear you scream
don't stop dancing
move your body
the sweat on your skin makes you wet

04. Explode (Jordan & Baker)

Together they make their way to the darkroom where Brian leans against the wall, closes his eyes and runs his fingers through the trick's hair as the guy sucks him off.

is it not beautiful to watch the sun rise
and see the dark explode with light

05. For an Angel 2009 (Paul Van Dyk)

Coming but not feeling satisfied, Brian is disappointed and returns to the bar to lighten his mood with a few more drinks.

I found a lover for the first time in my life
you took me out of the wilderness
just like a diamond
you were shining bright through the night
and let me stay in your arms to rest

06. Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction)

Brian downs his fifth drink and places the empty glas on the bar. Turning around he starts to make his way through the dancing crowd, while digging out a small package from his left pant pocket. He pops an E and let the music take over his body, finally throwing his hands in the air like everybody else, getting lost in the dancing masses.

you just can't believe me
when I show you what you mean to me
you just can't believe me
when I show you what you cannot see
our lives still change from the way that we were
now I'll tell you something I think you should know
why can't you see what you mean to me

07. Tik Tok (Ke$ha)

Brian, flying high on E and alcohol, just keeps dancing, makes out with random guys, turning them on, turning them down, having fun.

don't stop, make it pop
dj blow my speakers up
tonight, I'mma fight
'til we see the sunlight
tick tock on the clock
but the party don't stop

08. Ghosts'N'Stuff (Deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire)

Out of the corner of his eye he spots Mikey and Ben dancing together, acting all giddy-happy. Brian turns his back to them, not knowing if he feels disgusted or jealous.

it's been so long I've been out of my body with you
I feel alone, feel at home, feel like nothing is true
you take me to a place where my senses gave way
turn it round, shut it down what the people say

09. Crazy Sexy Marvelous (Paffendorf)

Back at the bar again, he bumps into Brandon who orders him a drink. They talk a while before heading out to the dancefloor, deliberately brushing against each other while dancing.

join us - we're crazy sexy marvellous
this is our opening invitation to the dance
fill the night with light
the harder we come
the rougher you go
expect the unexpected

10. The Sparrows and the Nightingales (Mark Oh vs. John Davis)

Brian invites Brandon to the VIP lounge. He takes a seat in a crimson chair with a new drink in hand offered by one of his employees while he watches Brandon getting sucked off by some hot young twink.

how long have you been free
in this world of hate and greed
and our future standing still
we're dancing in the spotlights
where's the leader who leads me
I'm still waiting, leaving home

11. Let Me Think About It (Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand)

While he watches Brandon, another stranger approaches him with the intent to seduce, but Brian turns him down after a moment of consideration. Not being in the mood anymore, he decides to rather get totally wasted.

let me think about it
you saying baby
I'll take you for a ride
let's get together, work it all night
come on boy, believe me
I'll make you see
that I am the true way to ecstasy

12. Mortal Kombat Theme

When Brian walks down the stairs, the lights in the club dim and the spot lights focus on the small stage, where a group of professional dancers start to perform a choreography similar to some kind of martial arts. Theodore must've hired them, since he can't remember having seen one of them before. However the folks seem to like them, so he stops to lean his back against the stairrail and watch.

test your might
kano, liu kang, rayden, johnny cage
scorpion, sub-zero, sonya

13. Not Over You (Markus Gardeweg)

Brian slides into the sea of men and swims across, starts dancing, thinks of Justin. With eyes closed, head tipped back and his whole body moving to the rhythm, he imagines Justin would still be there, still following him around like the old days.

I like what you say
I like what you do
and I can't convince myself
I'm not over you

14. Bring it Back (Brooklyn Bounce)

Restless like a panther, Brian strolls through the club. Nothing catches his attention for more than a few seconds.

I will always remember this summer
'cause the summer was all we had
bring it back
I know why I feel so sad
'cause the summer was all we had

15. In my Dreams (Noemi)

Standing on the catwalk above the dancefloor, Brian watches the crowd closely, forearms resting on the railing, burning cigarette between index- and middlefinger of his right hand. He searches for a familar face, but it seems that all his friends had finally left the club.

and the moon will always smile in my dreams
and my sun will allways rise in my dreams
so it seems
rembember all the feelings
remember all the love
it´s burning like a fire
in rage, heaven above

16. Wonderful Days 2001 (Charly Lownoise, Starsplash, Mental Theo)

Still watching the crowd, Brian remembers how several years ago a certain blond snatched his tricks away by just taking off his shirt and wagging around with his jeans-clad ass.

I found a lover - it didn't last
wonderful days belong to the past
I don't know where I stand
what I'm to do, try to forget
and to find someone new

17. Sunshine 2009 (Dance Nation vs. Shaun Baker)

Justin enters Babylon and takes a look around. After watching the dancing crowd for a while, he paces to the bar to have a drink before searching for Brian.

c'mon, sunshine
keep on, let's dance and feel alright
feel the vibration
in your soul, build a foundation of love
keep on, let's have some fun tonight

18. Catch You (Kosheen)

Suddenly Brian recognizes a shock of blond hair and straightens himself immediately. Stubbing his third cigarette out on the railing, he rushes to the stairs and pushes his way to the dancefloor.

out of my way I'm running
I'm gonna catch you if I can
it's your day - believe it
it's your date with destiny
it's too late to leave it
after all, it's your party

19. Take me to the Clouds Above (LMC vs. U2)

Finally, Brian finds Justin on the dancefloor near the darkroom. They stare at each other and suddenly Brian can’t help but smile. "Where you headed?" - "No place special." - "I can change that..."

there's a boy I know
he's the one I dream of
looked into my eyes
take me to the clouds above

20. Dance (Apollo)

...and so the prince and his lover danced the whole night until the lights went out. But the thumpa thumpa never stopped and went on forever. (lolol!)

at the right time you'll be mine
and our love will always shine
will you dance with me all night?
your arms will hold me tight
dance until the morning light
I've always loved you from the start

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