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• Do we have smth in common? Then you're welcome to add me.
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• Every few months I do flist-cuts: I cut everyone with whom I never/barely talked since we friended each other.

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My Alice in Wonderland Book Collection

I collect "Alice in Wonderland" books. English and German editions. Meanwhile I have 62 books.
It's an expensive hobby, especially with the very old books. Maybe one day I can get my hands on a book from before 1900. The very first print was on 4th July, 1865 - there's only 22 books from that print remaining until today.
If you have questions or want to make me an offer for a book I dun have yet - dun hesitate to drop me a message.
Ich sammle "Alice im Wunderland"-Bücher, deutsche und englische Ausgaben. Mittlerweile habe ich 62 Exemplare.
Es ist ein teures Hobby, besonders bei den sehr alten Ausgaben. Vielleicht schaffe ich es eines Tages ein Exemplar von vor 1900 zu bekommen. Die allererste Auflage ist vom 4 Juli 1865 - und es gibt heute nur noch 22 Exemplare von dieser Auflage.
Wenn ihr Fragen habt oder mir ein Angebot machen möchtet, für eine Ausgabe, die ich noch nicht besitze - dann zögert nicht mir eine Nachricht zu schreiben.

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Wallpaper: Atrocity


So I wanted to write this fic, right? With lots of gore and splatter and horror and blah. Such like Hostel, SAW, Creep etc.
But I'm not ready yet, so I decided to design a wallpaper first to get a little bit more into the right mood, yanno?

So the following is NSFW! Look at own risk of getting disturbed!

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Edit: OMG, thanks guys! I'm really touched by all your positive responses. I actually kinda expected ppl to be grossed out and ripping me a new butthole for doing this to Brian, so I was a bit anxious to post it. But you really rock, guys! Thanks ♥