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BatDriven's TR pve "Build" Mod 6-9

Okay, so I was asked about my build several times now. From guildies, friends and random players. The thing is - I'm guessing it's not so much about the build itself, but more about what I use and the fact that I got 96 power points.
That's the reason why I'm posting it here and not on some big MMO website.

If you don't have the riches to get everything ranked up to max and at least 80 power points, this whole thing might not work for you, sorry :/
Also this build is purely for PVE and AoE-heavy. You won't survive a second in PVP with these stats and gear.

I went with Wood Elf, purely because I also go for aesthetics in this game. With this race you'll get 1% more crit chance, 10% resistance to slow your movement and +2 dex, which is super important. (Additionally you can pick between +2 intelligence or +2 wisdom.)
However the best choice would have been Dragonborn to get 3% more on power and crit, and 5% more healing. You can put the +2 on stats anywhere you like. Dexterity!
Runner ups would be Half Orc and Human, imho.

The stats:
As you can see, I put everything into dexterity and strength, because I care about damage the most. When you roll in the beginning, make sure to get these 2 things as high as possible. Dexterity comes first, then strength.

When it comes to power and crit, you have to make a choice what is more important to you or if you wanna keep it balanced. I went with power, since I crit every second anyway.
An important thing to keep in mind, about armor pen: Since this is PVE only, keep an eye on 'resistence ignored'. You don't need more than -60% usually. And for a rogue -40-50% should be fine, since this usually goes up anyway when we go stealth.

Feats and Powers:

Paragon Path: At level 30, you will chose Master Infiltrator for close-range executions.
Paragon Feats: I went purely with Executioner to maximize my dps.

So I have 96 power points atm, since I was able to hit overflow exp countless of times before mod 6, when it was still easy to do so.
However when you hit lv70 finally, you wanna put your first power point into Duelist's Flurry to maximize it to rank 4. After that in the order you prefer - see below for a list of the powers I'm running, which I recommend getting to rank 4.
Also I have so many powerpoints that I started putting them into stuff I don't really use. I marked the powers I don't find important, so that you don't put points into them (or only a few, if you have to, to go to next rank) while leveling up or respec'ing.
Keep in mind, that as a rogue, your at-wills are most important. The encounters are nice extras to stun and keep a constant little damage going on, even if you're stunned, but most of your damage comes from Duelist Flurry.

I got all the boons, except for the PVP-campaign, the Maze Engine (not finished yet, I marked my preferences tho) and the very last boon in Tyranny. Since noone wants to run Tiamat anymore, I'd probably have to get the favors by donating dragon hoard coffers. 100 coffers will get you one favor. So you need 5000 coffers/50 favors for the last boon, which is more than 3,5 million AD atm. I don't think 1,5% more crit severity is worth that much AD, so I skipped out on that last one.
For the rest - I always went with the option, that boosts my damage. Sometimes the choice is not dps-related. I went with defense over deflect. And recovery over regeneration.

pic boon4

For the stronghold boons I went with:
Offense: Power
Defense: Defense
Utility: Mount Speed (use XP boon, if you're under 80 power points!)
PVP: irrelevant, since I don't do PVP

This section is not very interesting yet, since I don't have a legendary mount and most of the boni from the insignias don't work at the moment anyway.
But I went with 110% speed of course, since it's the fastest I got, plus 2000 power on equip. (Since I got no legendary mount, there is no combat-power)
As for boni I went with: Barbarian's Revelry, Artificer's Influence, Oppressor's Reprieve, Magistrate's Restraint, Warlord's Inspiration - but like I said, 3 of them are not even working right now. (Yeah, I know Warlord is useless with augment anyway.)

I'm running the following sets:
• Dragonflight for armor (I upgraded each piece via the Black Ice profession)
Elemental Dragonflight Raid Mask
Elemental Dragonflight Raid Vest
Elemental Dragonflight Raid Gloves
Elemental Dragonflight Assault Boots
• Twisted Weapon Set (I wanted the set-bonus, because of extra power [3840 at 24 stacks])
Twisted Makhaira
Twisted Misericorde
• Lostmauth Set (even tho it'll get nerfed, I feel this is still the best choice for a rogue)
Lostmauth's Hoard Necklace
Golden Belt of Puissance
Lostmauth's Horn of Blasting
• Slotted, 145 itemlevel shirts&pants
Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Shirt
Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Pants
• Artifacts
Token of Chromatic Storm (great for solo and to get rid of big groups of mobs)
Lantern of Revelation (essential in bossfights; the whole group benefits from it)
Shard of Valindra's Crown (you're invincible while casting it and it pushes mobs away)
Lostmauth's Horn of Blasting (as part of my set)
• +4/+5 rings
Ring of Brutality +4
Ring of Reflex Sight +5
- Now, these are the two rings I'm using right now, however reflex sight is naturally not my first choice. As PVE-only this power is close to useless. However I still decided to equip it, since this ring got TWO offense slots - which means more power for me.
My rings of choice would be (in order of preference)
Ring of Brutality +5
Ring of Rising Power +5
Ring of Sudden Precision +5
Ring of Rising Precision +5
Ring of Natural Order +5
Ring of Orcus +5
• Important side note
I reinforced all my armor and all my jewelry with kits and gems.
I used Major Critical Strike Armor Kits for my helmet, gauntlets, chest piece and boots - to get +200 crit with each. And Major Action Point Gain Jewels for my neck, rings and belt to get +100 action point gain each.
(I'd have used power rather than crit, but I didn't master mailsmithing, so I couldn't make it myself, which is a lot cheaper than buying from the auction house.)

I'm using a transcendent Vorpal as my weapon enchantment, since I tried a couple of weapon enchants and decided that this works best for me.
For my armor I went with a soulforge for the longest time. However I recently changed to Elven Battle, because I figured that every second I'm not dazed or otherwise immobilized, I can do more damage and this enchant reduces the chance to get such a debuff pretty good. Sadly I'm only using a regular one at the moment, but I'm saving up for a transcendent, of course. Update: Got a transcendent now and I love it!
For my offense slots I purely went with radiant rank 12s to boost my power. However I also got one brutal rank 12 (power and crit), which I might trade in for a radiant at a later point.
In my defense slots I went with dark rank 12s to get more lifesteal. I used azurs before, to get more defense, however I quickly saw that as a rogue with armor class 18, it's pointless trying to gather large amounts of defense.
As for my utility slots, I'm still using dragonhoards to get refinement stones. But I might change these for dark enchantments at a later point, to get more movement.
However if you're still under 80 power points, I strongly, STRONGLY recommend you use azurs - as high as possible - to get more XP and to hit overflow faster for a chance to get a power point.
With my two overload slots, I like using Greater Black Dragon Glyphs for more crit and Greater Corrupt Black Ice Enchantments to trigger more power.

On equip I got the Owlbear cub in legendary. It's an augmentation companion, and since it's orange, I receive 115% of their stats. I went with bonding runestones and - very important - personalized, double slotted rings, which I made in jewelcrafting.
As for my other 4 active companions, I went with ARCHONS. One of each kind in epic/purple. Firstly - they feed on each other, meaning for each equipped archon, the bonus of the other ones will increase by 0,5%. And secondly, they boost my dps in almost any situation possible. I'll get a damage boost when I'm full health, when enemies are full health, when enemies are below half health and when enemies are not full health. So no matter what the situation is - I always get one xy% increasement to my damage, sometimes even two.

Pots and Trinkets:
A lot of people underestimate how useful potions can be. If you only look at one or two, you might think it's not really worth it, but if you maximize everything you can possibly do - it really makes a difference.
So what I'm almost always using is:
- Tymora's Lucky Coin (random benefit of 371 rating)
- Miniature Giant Space Hamster (heals me and gives me 500 regen, even stays active after I die. Now I know there's no possibility to buy it, so I recommend using an Adorable Pocket Pet or Doohickey instead)
- Enhanced Superior Potion of Force (+1000 power)
- Chicken Kebab (+3000 hitpoints and +600 power)
- Invocation Blessing (+150 on two random stats)
- Wild Storm Elixir (+300 crit and 10% crit severity)
- Squash Soup (increases crit chance by 3% and crit severity by 5%)
- Superior Flask of Potency (+400 power, recovery AND crit, plus 7,5% crit severity)

Powers I'm running:
Usually I'm trying to be very AoE and more on crowd control. Hence I'm using these:
• Passive: Invisible Infiltrator, Oppressive Darkness
• At Wills: Sly Flourish, Duelist's Flurry
• Encounter: Dazing Strike, Path of the Blade, Smoke Bomb
• Dailies: Courage Breaker, Whirlwind of Blades

However sometimes I need to be more single target (lostmauth etc.), then I switch out smoke bomb with lashing blade.
This is the pattern, how I usually fight:

- go stealth
- use dazing strike
- use smoke bomb
- use path of blade
- use duelist's flurry until stealthmeter is full again
- go stealth
- use duelists flurry until all encounters are ready again
- then use dazing strike, smoke bomb and path of blade again

~ use your daily and your artifact whenever it's up again, then resume pattern
~ use courage breaker for single target, and whirlwind of blades for crowds

I know that many rogues go stealth and then use smoke bomb first, instead of dazing strike. But remember when I told you about my companions, how I do more damage when they are full health? I usually try to get the first strike when I'm in a group, because if I use dazing strike in stealth first and surprise my enemies with it, it does craptons of damage right in the beginning - plus they are dazed and don't move for a bit. Also this is incredible important if you use 'first strike' as a passive power, which I did for a long time. It deals 75% (!!) more damage on rank 4, when you hit a group or a single target the first time.
This method, combined with the passive power, usually lets me get rid of semi-strong mobs in one hit.


Okay, so to come to an end now, I hope you found this useful and it gave you a little more insight on the whole rogue-thing, if you're used to PVP or only played other classes before.
I know that this is not the optimum build and that there's a lot of bugs or 'happy accidents' in game, which I do not exploit at the moment. But this whole thing works rather good for me.
If you got questions, leave them here or msg me on Xbox (BatDriven) and I'll do my best to assist.
Thanks goes to NathanCoyne and KnightSRose/FleurdeLisz, who helped me on my roguey path a couple times, during my 5 respecs, haha.
And always remember: Rogues have more fun! ;)
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